Kilmainham to Thomas Street- Suir Road Davitt Road Junction Upgrade

There’s a public consultation open on the upgrade of this junction. You have until the 25th of July to make your voice heard. This is my submission:

I think the overall proposal is very positive. The current layout of this junction is not safe, the proposed design is a huge improvement. I’m very happy to see the improvements to the public realm and sustainable urban drainage included in the plan.
I have three suggestions:

  1. Cyclists going west from the linear park can cross Dolphin Road to Slievenamon, but can’t cross beside the Luas lines. To reach the canal, or the cycle lane on Suir Road, they must wait for a second set of lights on Davitt Road. The cycle lane crossing the road beside the Luas line should be two-way.
  2. Cyclists coming from Slievenamon, and going to the linear park are also forced to cross both Davitt Road and Dolphin Road. The cycle lane crossing the south-east of the junction should also be two-way.
  3. Many people will be cycling to and from Good Counsel GAA club. The shared active travel facility on the south side of Davitt Road should be extended to the entrance to Good Counsel. (It is not clear if the short section of cycle lane on the north side of Davitt Road is physically protected. If it is not protected, I’m not sure what purpose it serves)

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