Like a lot of people during the pandemic, I stopped and looked around at the place I live. I think this area has so much potential, and there are so many people trying hard to improve it. I want to support that work, and help make this a better place for us all to live.

Public space

Our community is built around the spaces we share. We can have better parks and green spaces, if we plant more native trees and wildflowers, and add more benches and bins. Community energy programmes, community gardens, shared leaf composting bins, water collection to prevent flooding… there are so many projects, large and small, that can bring us together to improve our local environment.

Taming the traffic

Our roads are congested. A lot of traffic is coming from outside the area. New developments on the Long Mile road and Davitt road will make the situation worse. We need to make our streets safer and cleaner, by improving public transport and cycling facilities, and reducing through traffic.

More homes

We need more housing in the area, but it has to be the right kind of housing – good quality, cost-rental and affordable, higher density but fitting in with the existing community.